Friday, June 4, 2010

Status of N.C. Office of Environmental Education

The N.C. House of Representatives has passed its version of the budget. The House budget maintains the Office of Environmental Education, all staff and all functions and duties.

The N.C. Senate version of the budget eliminates two positions within the Office--the adult environmental education program manager (river basin and informed consumer programs, and all public awareness programs for adults) and the PreK-12 environmental education program manager (teacher training institutes, outdoor classroom symposium, Environmental Literacy Plan development and all PreK-12 Programs). The Office would cease to exist and the remaining positions would be incorporated into a new division.

The final decision on the status of the Office depends on the decision of the House and Senate conferees, who will begin meeting this week to work out differences in the two budgets. The General Assembly aims to have the budget passed before July 1.

Update: Budget negotiations are complete. The N.C. General Assembly website has the 2010 budget and money report. The vote will be on Tuesday, June 29 and Wednesday, June 30.