Friday, May 31, 2024

Educator Spotlight: Kate Gavaghan

Kate Gavaghan, an environmental educator at Blue Jay Point County Park in Wake County recently completed her NC Environmental Education Certification.

Kate says the certification program helped her find her current position at the park which is part of Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space. Kate says the program’s variety and flexibility allowed her to choose workshops and other experiences that fit her schedule and educational needs.

When asked about a certification experience that stood out for her, she says it was the weekend Educator Treks offered by the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. “The treks provided fantastic instruction in wonderful natural settings in addition to the company and knowledge of fellow educators.”

For her community partnership project, Kate created three pollinator gardens with her local Boys and Girls Club of Wake Forest. “I established a garden and outdoor club, solicited monetary and in-kind grants and worked with the kids to select the species to plant. Together we created a new natural landscape that is functional and beautiful.”

In terms of how she views environmental issues Kate says the program offered more resources. “I have been working in environmental protection for over 30 years, so I would not say the program changed my awareness of pressing issues. It did, however, give me another avenue for outreach, communication and action.”

Kate says the program changed her approach to teaching. “The certification program enhanced my comfort and skills in delivering outdoor, experiential programs. All my classes at the park are outdoor, hands-on programs and I benefited greatly from workshops that emphasized this approach.”

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