Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grants, Grants and more Grants...

One of our favorite services we provide is the Environmental Education Grants page. By working with EE partners in Georgia, Hawaii and Wisconsin, we are able to locate and post grants that are relevant to environmental education in North Carolina. An extra plus is that the grants on this page are always current--they automatically drop off the listing when the deadline expires. Here's a recent unsolicited comment about the grants page:

I just discovered the EE site's grants page, and I am blown away--it's an amazing list, all relevant for North Carolina nonprofits.... Having sifted through other lists of grants to discover they weren't applicable for us or no longer in  operation, your list is a mother lode of information. Thank you so much!

So check it out! There are a wealth of grants from small to large to support classroom projects, environmental education center programs, non-profit and community organizations and more. While you are there, don't forget to check out the Environmental Education Contests page as well! These provide great projects for students and can provide cash prizes in recognition of environmental education programs and initiatives.