Friday, February 12, 2010

Jobs Abound on the N.C. Office of Environmental Education Web Site

Looking for an environmental education job or internship? The N.C. Office of Environmental Education can help.

Over the last few months, the Office has seen a large increase in the number of positions posted on its listserv and EE Jobs and Internships page. Jobs include environmental educator positions and a variety of positions in the environmental and conservation fields that require education and outreach skills.

Since 1996, the N.C. Office of Environmental Education has helped employers and potential employees connect through the North Carolina Environmental Education Listserv (NC-EE). Many environmental educators have related stories of finding great employment opportunities, and many employers have noted that they have found excellent candidates through the list. In a 2009 survey, 51 people out of the 395 that responded said they had found employment via the listserv, and 29 said they had hired someone that saw a job posting on the list. One respondent noted: "My career began from a posting I saw on the EE listserve. I have now been in that position for nine years and manage a national EE curriculum at the state level!"

In 2006, the Office expanded its job assistance role with their new Web site, This new site features a jobs and internships page that is constantly updated. The new site has been paying off for job-seekers and employers. The Office recently received this message from a major environmental education center's personnel department:

As someone who has recruited for many different types of jobs for the past 7 years, I am always on the lookout for sources of high-quality candidates. The NC-EE listserv and job site has proven many times to be the best resource for individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about science education in North Carolina. I doubt I would see as many well-qualified candidates for education positions if I didn’t use the Office's resources. They really make my job easier!

For more information on the NC-EE listserv, visit the Office's subscription page. Employers are also free to post jobs on the listserv. Any jobs posted to the list are added to the EE Jobs and Internships listing, or employers can call 919-733-0711 or email for more information.

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